Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project #2

Oh blogger, why must you upload my pictures in reverse order? SO annoying. Anyone have any fixes? It's so hard to move the pictures around on here.

Okay, so onto my project...well, here's the foot - I'm too lazy to try to rearrange the pictures.

So vote - do I keep the rusted castor wheels?

This dresser will eventually be in Avery's room - after it is painted. Right now I've only got storage in her closet and it is really annoying. So where did I get the idea to do this myself? I follow a girls blog, drool and wish to be her. Check out her site! Life in the fun lane. Now, granted, I do not wish to have an entirely white house, but it is pretty. I enjoy color too much and's just not my style. I DO however LOVE that she turns trash to treasure. I mean some of her pieces, no, ALL of them are gorgoeous. And then she in turn sells them for a profit and if you go to her White Berry website, everything is sold! She gets all of her pieces for free to $35...

I found this on CraigsList and really like it. I do believe it is an antique (solid wood, dovetail joints) and DID pay more than $35. Who knows if it is worth more (or less) but it has a lot of potential. Now if only I can find the time to work on it! For now it will be my end of spring break/weekend project.
I've gotten the pulls removed. Next step is a gentle sanding. I know some of you are going to be totally against me painting this and not just restaining but, that is NOT my desire. I want to paint it - and so - it shall be repainted. I think I'm going to paint it an avocado green to match the rest of Avery's decor. Again, YES someday she'll want different colored furniture but I believe that at this point she'll have this for years and green goes with any little girls decor so green it shall be. Avocado that is...not sage, not mint, avocado. Also one of Avery's favorite foods come to think of it.
Like I say, next I'll sand it, then tape the drawers. I'm not "spraying" it like the girl in the blog does - she's got a professional set up. I'll be using the standard brushes and rollers. And then I'll "antique" it a little by scuffing up the edges. What I want to know is how to make the scuffed up edges black instead of the underlying wood color. Any ideas? I've tried Googling it with no success. I even "commented" on the girls blog but she hasn't responded yet.
I'll keep you posted!


  1. can't wait to see it when you're done!

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