Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun time!

Mom and Dad came in for a short weekend at the beginning of the month. Kendall has been wanting to ride the train over at Katy Mills Mall for a long time but I've always got the stroller with me and I am NOT leaving my stroller at the mall unattended because I love it. Anyway, all aboard, they loved it. I waited with the stroller and shopped for a brief moments at American Eagle...ahhh, it was a blissful 5 minutes!

Dad...the "riff-raff" on the train

This is Kendall and her friend Avery. They love each other and it is so nice to have a girlfriend for Kendall to play with. She's got an abundance of boy friends that we adore, but having a fellow princess to dress up with makes her giddy!

Avery has taken up making beer can chicken...well...dr. pepper can chicken

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